Month: July 2016


In the previous message we spoke to embark on a wonderful journey that we
allow the realization of our dreams, exposing the true face
of success. I welcome you to accepting my invitation! Read More

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Auto Picture & Relationships

Throughout our lives we have all had many thousands of dreams
about what we would do or be. Some of these dreams are revealed
effectively while we slept soundly; but others enjoyed them
while we are fully conscious state (daydreaming). Read More

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Vessels …  

When we go to a super market and point out a bottle of a product,
asking what is it ? we will immediately inform you that bottle containing
(except if it is empty). Read More

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Recently I was wondering publicly about the concept of “success”
for each person. It was very interesting to read between the different cultures of
different opinions and different values that each gives this topic. Read More

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The True Power of NOW  

When asked different people what they think about joy, we
find answers that are related to some point in time,
usually the “future” … They say they will achieve to be happy when they get such a
thing, or when the other end.

Read More

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One rainy morning …

I woke up on this day lulled by the playful throwing drops leaves and
sticks on the roof of my house. But not only that it fell … I could also feel
several major patters, for animals of various sizes made their parade
along all night! Read More

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