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Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are overwhelmed by debts that you have no ways to pay, one way to deal with this problem that affects your life is to declare you bankrupt, or insolvent. While the law offers you the ability to complete the forms without the help of a lawyer, the best thing you can do before making this difficult decision is to consult with an experienced and qualified professional Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney
Declaring yourself bankrupt is a legal procedure by which you can start from scratch, financially speaking. But while bankruptcy can be useful and effective in solving problems such as debts in some cases, it is not the definitive solution to all your problems, nor the right step for everyone. It is also important to choose  carefully when to file for bankruptcy, waiting as long as possible, as it can only be done every six years. Neither can you seize certain assets nor can you go to jail for not paying civil debts.
On the other hand, bankruptcy does not completely eliminate the rights of your creditors, nor obligations such as alimony for children, student loans, or debts you have contracted with the state. Are you sure that bankruptcy is the only solution for your debts?
The only way to make sure that the bankruptcy procedure is the right solution is to discuss your particular situation with an Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorney  familiar with this matter. Each case is different, and laws do not remain unchanged but change from time to time. Only a professional can advise you with certainty of the procedure indicated for your particular problem. Even if you can not afford a lawyer’s fees, in our online lawyer directory you will find many free attorneys who can advise you.


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Best Online Cell Phone Location Tracker

How to prevent your Android phone from registering your location and saving it? You can turn off location services on your Android phone to prevent all sites where you are registered in Google’s Location History . This Helps To locate your online phone tracker

It’s nothing new that certain companies currently store the information we upload to various virtual platforms, such as Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, etc., but a case that seems particular is that from your cell phone can create a registry of places That visits (including your daily trip to the office, university, college and others).

That’s why I want in this article to show you how you can disable the function on Android phones that makes all your movements are stored in the Google Location History.

Step 1:

Find Settings or Settings in the application menu of your cell phone and press it. Remember that the name of this button may vary depending on the cell phone you have.

Step 2:

You will find a menu of configurations that will be divided into several sections. There , locate the Location Services option and click on it.

Step 3:

A menu will open where you will find the option to deactivate location services or location of your cell phone. You may see something similar to a switch or button that you need to press to turn them off. In the case of the example that I am using (Samsung Galaxy S3) you must click on the option  Location and search Google.

However, remember that if you usually use apps that require location services or GPS, it is preferable that you do not deactivate this feature and better just delete or hide the information that is in the  Google Location History .


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