5. pottering …  

Most humans spend our lives like a hotel lobby
waiting for something or someone; or I as in an airport waiting for our
plane out … We looked at the clock many times, we walk errantly a
wall to the next observing people as thoughts pass
fast in the mind; maybe we read something to us through or some text that
we loaded; when any accessible screen TV, we nailed to
visually engulf what comes our way, no matter what it is; if we go
for a coffee stand or food attractive to the eyes, it may be that we
surrender to ingest anything yet hungry or thirsty … just to “kill

And then , when finally shown what “expected” – comes the second stage:
another period of transition time: flight, transportation, brief meeting,
the food is served, the room is ready …! And without realizing it, our life
is filled with many “meanwhile” until the time arrives
from this world really! What we came then?

Live to fulfill a work schedule may not very pleasant, the daily
which only managed to get money to survive, yes, but perhaps
the best to acquire certain pleasures or luxuries; but
truly enjoy depth?

How many books are in our personal library (or nightstand)
gathering dust without being read medium or read? And when we read, we apply what
we learned, or use the information for something valuable? How many devices
have purchased which only use a few days after having
purchased? It has our closet clothes that rarely (if ever) use? If we
visit the pantry or refrigerator, there are foods that have expired or
about to expire and the truth is not going to eat us? Our agenda is
full of names of people call that for at least one year not
know anything about them? Worse , there are names of people who do not remember us
who they are? We have somewhere in the house, boxes and bags full of things
old do not we throw because “we want to keep”? For what?

What we are really waiting for?

That is not living! If instead of this terrible habit we can make every
little thing an objective in itself, our lives will change completely:
he sit down to eat will become a wonderful experience; not be
abotargarnos quickly than put us in front as we talk with
someone, sometimes swallowing without masticar- and ending with indigestion. By
contrast, savor every bite discovering and enjoying textures,
different flavors, learn to choose more intentionally asks us what
the body will do better digestion, we eat no more, and we will be
grateful. When we walk, we’ll realizing the wonder of
mechanism that is our body; even those who have difficulty or
may inability to walk, to see how the rest of your body compensates for
functions that are not as fluid, with skills developed wisely.
When we are in our workplace, whether it involves relationships with
others, we can see everyone as an interesting book or movie that
has an interesting story to tell; often what tells us
sometimes without words, is precisely our own life and personality, since
this interaction reflects who we are and how we are to others.

We do not agree with “entertain” every day while when get to
sleep; Fully VIVAMOS every second of our lives knowing that we were
given with the sole intention of us to create something original, funny,
building, and at the same time contribute to our pleasurable experience
expands further each day along with our neighbors.

We fill our minds positive and grateful thoughts, because that
count will remind us how blessed we are and the potential so
impressive that overflows into our being. If we do not like our reality and
we know what we sincerely want, we change course TODAY!


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