Recently I was wondering publicly about the concept of “success”
for each person. It was very interesting to read between the different cultures of
different opinions and different values that each gives this topic.

Several people referred to as a monetary measure success; others to an
attitude of “not yield to difficulties”; I also heard about what
brings joy and not allowed to be influenced by the opinions of others …

Somehow all these concepts can be no doubt of the success, but
yet they are not the definition itself. In fact I know countless beings who are
successful without being wealthy, comprehensive workers or who live laughing at every

Success is an attitude toward life, but above all to ourselves.
No one which is not like to himself can feel successful!

To “like it ” or love each other , it is important to know first. It is not
that superficial knowledge that only reveals our tastes in food,
physical appearance, movie themes, etc … No; I mean to know our
essence itself! Knowing that what we do is just a lifestyle, but knowing what
we are is a universal transcendental experience!

Recently in one of my messages mentioned that when referring to a bottle,
defined by its content; also when we ask “what / who”
are, we must also refer to our content, which is Love, Life,
Joy, Peace, Creativity … in short, an endless number of nouns that
make up our divine essence.

How not to love that essence? How overlook our reality? Ignoring
our connection with the Eternal?

The logic of knowing containers such magnificence, the result is the joy and
gratitude! That joy which is always latent, if we are still going through a
time of momentary pain, as the departure of a loved one, or the loss of
our possessions. We can live the proper duel, but we still have very
clear that these external elements do not define our joy, so quickly
our attention turns to reality set in that unalterable.

Since the law of attraction we attract what vibrates at the same
frequency as we are, our joy will put us in a very high frequency,
therefore, success is only the natural result of anything we
do, because our most successful ourselves!



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