About Alba Molina

Alba Molina

The road that leads to the unknown
is paved with our decisions.
That these options are intentional
and full of joy and passion.

People will come and go
walking with you momentarily
or just to pass through your path.
But your journey began and will end
with your best friend and teacher:
higher your being!

He was born in the city of Bogota, Colombia, where he began to dabble in self-taught guitar at the age of six, inspired by his older brother. He lived surrounded by music, listening to recordings or father and uncles playing the piano, accordion and other instruments, which taught him to appreciate many styles.

At ten years old, he emigrated with his family to Costa Rica. A few years later, he joined the National Youth Orchestra, learning music theory and flute. At the same time he joined the Choir of the National Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir of it.

Alba completed her studies at the University of Costa Rica and the National University, taking courses of harmony, composition, classical guitar, piano and singing; also he participated in the Chamber Choir of the Music School for several years. He also participated in seminars given by Japanese and American teachers, brought by the Yamaha Foundation in Costa Rica.

Having taken courses in advanced techniques of teaching English, he gave lessons in the language and music in various schools and bilingual preschool in Costa Rica and California, USA. For several of these places he composed the anthem of the institution. He has also taught seminars for teachers of different subjects in preschool and primary education, giving them bases composition and tools to strengthen their lessons with musical elements and songs made by themselves, and cultivating creativity, achieving very enjoyable classes and better results in the same. He has also been teaching Spanish as a second language to adults since 1978.

By getting your license for public speech in 1997, he made several documentaries for dubbing in both Spanish and English, children’s stories in both languages and voice overs for commercials. He also created the radio program “Good News” transimitido by National Radio. In this program Alba shared several messages positivism injected listeners, and interacted with the same telephone air.

He has directed and participated in choirs as Angelus and Kayrós, where he also collaborated with vocal arrangements.Several of his compositions have formed the repertoire of her albums, where his family has also participated and some special guests. His works are dedicated to the Spirit, children and moral values. Of its original children’s music it is represented and distributed in Central America and other Latin American countries by the record label, Sony Music. He has also done music for other singers and choral arrangements, music for various commercial and instrumentation for documentaries and modern dance performances.

Alba collaborated with Unity as Musical Director Costa Rica for several years, and promoted his work in different US cities, as a musician, teacher and speaker.

Thanks to a process of dramatic changes in their spiritual and emotional life, and having education in his veins, Alba created AM-International in 2003. The Company has built for people of all ages, through workshops, lectures, clips radio, music and soon through the first two books he is currently writing. Since he earned his certification as Coach for Life and Holistic Therapist in Neuro Linguistic Programming in California, now it offers self-hypnosis meditations recorded individually for each client.