Auto Picture & Relationships

Throughout our lives we have all had many thousands of dreams
about what we would do or be. Some of these dreams are revealed
effectively while we slept soundly; but others enjoyed them
while we are fully conscious state (daydreaming).

Both cases have a very powerful effect on our brain, because as
we said earlier all creation starts with a thought followed by a
strong emotion about it .

It is important to clarify that we refer to dreams in which we
are the only ones directly affected, because no one can make in the life of
another person … that would not only invasive, but would require entering
similar to hypnosis practice. It’s not about that!

Then dreams or visualizations that we ourselves are
perfectly achievable and feasible. What ‘s stopping us? Very simple: the
result is directly linked to the image we have of ourselves.

This also affects the way we relate to people all
around us, and the result we get in our relationships
affective well.

Changing this situation is simpler than one imagines; that is why
I want to devote the attention and time needed to share this
information because it indisputably depends on our ability to
enjoy true joy, which is the key to success!

If you want to come with me, I invite you to come either on Saturday July 25 (in
case you also speak English) or on Saturday August 1 (in Spanish) to
workshop / concert I dedicate to this important issue.

Both workshops will be in the area of Escazu, and to give you the details you can
call me at 2266 1547, or write me through this group.

It is my hope that you can live the rest of your life to your fullest potential!



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