Detonating Buttons  


In our desire to grow, we have attracted a number of circumstances and people
in our lives that face us with those areas of our personality that are
weaker … Without having planned it , continuously we are in this situation in
which we “oppressing those buttons” detonating the “less glamorous” side of
our character!

Yes, the law of attraction also shines so! But do not detest this
reality … on the contrary, how else could fully grow? It is very
easy to be friendly, loving, affable, with sweet people! But if you are,
like me, a leading person of nature, how difficult it is to battle with other
leaders in the same field!

Therein lies the mistake … Do not fight! It is best placed in a plane
outside; ie in the plane of the “third person”. Observe without judging
or resist: only see our reactions, or feelings that we
produce the meeting; then make a decision about “who choose to be at
this opportunity.” “What I choose to learn for my edification, thanks to this
person or circumstance”.

Thus, each challenge becomes a huge blessing, and every person I
allow to reflect a more evolved aspect of my person. In other words,
my True Light will shine more and more, thanks to this!


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