meth testing nz is a decades-old relic of the war against drugs, sometimes used for probation or parole and sometimes for pre-employment screening. Either way, they are a reality that some just can’t get around. But should those who have to take meth testing nz worry if they consume CBD for medicinal relief ? The answer really depends on what kind of test is being performed and what kind of consumption habits the testee has demonstrated. If the subject has consumed only CBD products from a reputable source that are guaranteed to contain no THC, then you are likely to pass. If you are consuming impure CBD products or especially large quantities of CBD oil, then an initial urine screen or instant test may show positive. Fortunately science has other ways to determine whether or not the subject has consumed cannabis .


After an initial positive test, the sample should be sent for a confirmatory meth testing nz using a process called gas chromatograph mass spectrometry, or GC/MS for short. Once a sample makes its way into this process, the analysis will have no problem discerning THC from CBD. The biggest problem with using CBD products when you have to take a drug test, is that you can never be sure of what you are getting unless you trust the source. The reality is, if you try to make your own 100% pure CBD oil at home, you are likely to fail. The CBD extraction process is not something that can be cooked up in a kitchen. So the short of it is, if you want to ensure you are consuming pure untainted CBD, you have to get it from a reliable source. The meth testing nz itself isn’t the problem, it’s the source of the CBD that will most likely be a cause for concern.



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