How to control itching

Many dermatological processes are accompanied by itching. In fact itching, which in itself is not a disease, but is a common symptom of different dermatological conditions, is actually just a sensation .

Often itching becomes uncontrollable.

Is there an itching?

It is very difficult to scientifically assess the intensity of itching that a person perceives. Analog scales have been used with that intention but the results are very different.

One can imagine that when it notices an itch in the ankle, the sensation has really originated in the ankle and reaches the brain that triggers the reflex of scratching us. But things are not exactly like that.

The first works on this field were made during World War II where they began to see that patients with amputated limbs could perceive itchiness in the limb they had lost on the battlefield.

How can itch to a limb that I do not have? From here it was begun to understand that actually itching always originates in the central nervous system (the brain) of the person who perceives it, sometimes in a coherent way (I have touched a nettle) sometimes in a not so coherent way (I’m nervous: my leg itches)

Some questions still have no answer

Because if a mosquito bites a sleepless night that itch becomes uncontrollable and instead if the same mosquito bites while we are working with the head occupied in other things we can barely notice the itching? dermatologist cincinnati give the best treatment for itching

What is the relationship of our mood with itching?

Interestingly a family of drugs that work extremely well for the treatment of itch have in common a side effect: they make you sleepy. Antihistamines, especially the first generation, the oldest, cause drowsiness. But this side effect turns out to be a beneficial effect for the effectiveness of the results. The new second- and third-generation antihistamines, which do not cause drowsiness and may be useful for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, are not at all effective in dermatology. That is to say if they do not give dream, they do not remove the itch! dermatologist cincinnati give you the best treatment for intching.

What would be the conclusion: That the itching is a manifestation of nervousness?

Probably the statement is a little too hard, but what is certain is that if the person is quiet the itching sensation improves a lot and that anxiety amplifies the itching sensation .

The mood greatly influences our perception of itching.

In reality anxiety, amplifies practically all our sensations and is a very effective defense mechanism in situations of risk. dermatologist cincinnati helps you to get rid of itching soon.

If we are nervous we feel the loudest noises, it even improves our visual acuity and our olfactory ability. In the case of animals this is tremendously useful to be able to flee more quickly from danger. It would also be applicable to pleasurable sensations, if we are excited, restless by a first love contact is likely that those subtle caresses are amplified by our body in a considerable way

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