One rainy morning …

I woke up on this day lulled by the playful throwing drops leaves and
sticks on the roof of my house. But not only that it fell … I could also feel
several major patters, for animals of various sizes made their parade
along all night!

What happened? And I remembered: I had coffee in the early morning, and caffeine does not go
unnoticed by my body …!

My mind takes any time of day to surtirme of the thoughts
less philosophical varied – some than others and tonight I spoke of
impatience … That quality disguised so often causes ulcers us!

I got the impression that: Impatience is stubbornly contravía handle
on the highway of life …! You have to turn into “U” and flow alone!

Why do I say that this feature is a quality disguise? Because
impatient people openly show their passion for growth!

While it is true that not expect the germination process events
can be entorpeciéndolo and even blocking, it is also clear that
we are showing interest and excitement to receive the results. It is similar to
some little children waiting to receive a gift for birthdays or other similar event, or
a mother before her labor.

However, impatience also tells us that our excessive attention to the
result, is proclaiming the “absence” of it … therefore the Universe
hears this as an application of our deficit! That is, we are
intensifying our sense of despair …

If our goal of life is to stop being victims of circumstances to
come to be authors of our own script, then how to change this

Well, first of all it should be recognized that the outcome will without a
doubt with time, therefore we can show gratitude for the early
realization; then observe from a viewpoint neutral to
negative emotions, as if we were a third person; We appreciate with
love and acceptance, knowing the new information that this circumstance we
presented about ourselves. After this recognition, we analyze
how they can serve such data in a positive way, and then we make a
decision about whether to stay on that approach or if we turn our
attention to something else completely different, which allows us to more
easily feel joy and gratitude, therefore we will raise our vibration,
there are countless options within and around us! This shortens
significantly the waiting time.

In short, the object of our desire is located in a vibration
higher than our state of impatience, therefore we should just raise
our vibration to achieve the result. This is what makes the joy!

Finally, our lack of patience is revealing to us that we doubt the
efficiency, wisdom and love of that Being who is none other than the Creator of
Love itself!

Let us then turn to “U” and flow with the traffic flow of life – in
peace and trust!

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