Our Wonderful Brain

For many it is a known fact that the brain is divided into two hemispheres, which divide the work.

While our left hemisphere governs the right half of the body, the
right hemisphere governs the opposite half. Similarly the left is
responsible for any rational function, ie implying linear thinking
Specifically, comparisons, judgments, math, language, concept
of time and space, etc. H. law, on the other hand, is responsible for the
abstract perceptions: art, feelings / emotions, spirituality,
dreams, instincts, etc.
Each person has a natural tendency towards the predominance of one of the
hemispheres, but everyone can access many times during the day,
thanks to brain ultradian rhythms, which occur about
every 45 minutes. You can also change intentionally, depending on the
circumstances around us.
And how can we use this information to our comprehensive benefit?
Well, in many ways; when we refer to relations
interpersonal, we must be aware of what our objective in each
case: for example you can not communicate (positive or negative) feelings
rationally! When you want to achieve true emotional communication, it
is important that the receiver is directed to the H right to tie the level
energy in which the issuer wishes to express. Similarly if what you want
is to agree on household finances, or something similar, it is useless to
pretend that tears or anger resolve the issue …
On the other hand, when an artist plays his learning based on work
mechanic art, it may be flawless but without “soul”! It is much more
effective a fairly simple and work with some technical errors, but
played with heart and carried away by the emotion load that
When perform any act during the day, ask yourself (a): “What
? I want to achieve with this ? ” “Why / for what I do” Then to identify
the intention, you can help “wake up” the brain side will allow you
a successful experience. A simple exercise to achieve this is by activating the
part of the body opposite to that hemisphere, either by movement or sensation.
Enjoy your chances of finding more efficient ways!
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