In the previous message we spoke to embark on a wonderful journey that we
allow the realization of our dreams, exposing the true face
of success. I welcome you to accepting my invitation!

Our journey started since we were in the womb; there we could
perceive emotions emanating from our mother to know of our
arrival; then we could feel clearly what his own physical reality and
emotional, because the circumstances surrounding her directly affected
our intimate connection with it.

If this experience about nine months was positive overall,
we begin our life with balanced health both physical as
mental and emotional; self-esteem reflect an attitude of satisfaction
to be exactly as we are, without comparing ourselves with anyone. Our mood,
also would result in a higher level of joy from the depths of
our being; circumstances might be somewhat unfavorable, but
that does not take us out of balance and quickly re -establish our joy and
appreciation for life.

If instead there was during the period of gestation a stressful environment
or inadequate optimum conditions for our development, these factors
can see reflected in our growth: perhaps a weak health, problems
of social adaptation, depression, or similar features.

It is logical that not only the months of gestation counted when determining
how it is to be a person in all aspects of his life, because the elements
with which a baby is after birth complete the picture:
the other members family, socio-economic and cultural,
climatic, and obviously the personality that is carried in the

If you have the option to figure out how were those initial factors in your case
staff, I suggest you do so you can compare this information with what
you know of yourself today. If you want to share, either by sending
a message directly to me or publishing it for all members, feel
free to do so in this space, which is not intended to judge but
rather to support unconditionally, plus all grow with the contribution
individual every member.

Then we can continue our journey which promises great

You enjoy the beginning of a great weekend!


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