The True Power of NOW  

When asked different people what they think about joy, we
find answers that are related to some point in time,
usually the “future” … They say they will achieve to be happy when they get such a
thing, or when the other end.

But let’s go back for a moment to moments of childhood in which
sucumbíamos the temptation to frequent laughter -such time for any reason
apparently. Perhaps we have not thought that these were the ‘happy times’ and that
now belong only to the memory? Perhaps we have justified that by the
current money worries, health somewhat less radiant, the
seriousness associated with adult life, or maybe even the fear of
death …!

If our reality is determined by the thoughts formulated with a
large dose of emotion (either negative or positive), then how crucial
it is what we choose to think ‘today’ for the sake of a joyful future!

If my present reality is to put all my attention on the problems that I
flog, then I can say for certain that these problems will be enhanced and
strengthened through my voluntary “help”! If , however , my
focus is on the realization that I have access to all
solutions thanks to the creativity that was given me birth, and
I can see those solutions when you step out of that low vibration and
up to a higher, then it would be worthwhile cause all possible ruse
to raise that vibration?

And it is so simple …! We need only return to this childish attitude, which is
still within us all the time. We laugh more; bailemos even without music; the
nature shows us that everything is like a permanent celebration! We walk
over outdoor appreciating the aromas that the Earth offers us; We cherish
the textures of flowers passing them down our cheeks and forehead. Let ‘s play
with the rain and mud … make little figures with sand from the beach,
we discover sculptures in the clouds!

The more we move away from the worry, the more we approach the joy; the
solutions that emerge from that state, give us satisfaction
indescribable, and expand our creativity and the game
entertaining and victorious. As an added bonus, the new people who will come
to our environment will be similar to our frequency, and
“mysteriously” those of us who had been causing pain and
unrest, will disappear from our reality without even noticing it !

Our focus should not be anchored in a future that is just an illusion,
either in a past that is no more than a memory. Instead, our
absolute attention should be on the thin vertical line in front of
us, called “Now”. That’s where our joy is waiting for



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