The elliptical machines came to the gym and fitness world to revolutionize it. They are one of the best options to lose weight fast and burn fat.

To achieve this and get the most out of one of these equipment you must follow a specific routine and, of course, maintain a healthy diet.

In addition to being perfect for weight loss , it is a machine that prevents problems in the joints or back thanks to the movement it performs, a mixture between walking and climbing stairs. Therefore, it is ideal for people who have an injury or prefer to avoid the harmful impact of harder surfaces, it is even recommended for people who are in physical rehabilitation .

Try to keep track of your heart rate with the sensors on your elliptical.

Use the 3 key strengths to lose weight in gym and fitness: low, medium and high. Go gradually, do not start your training with the highest intensity, this will make you exhausted within minutes of starting and you will not get the results you want.

Alternate the intensities, make intervals of pedaling in your routine. You can follow this routine: 5 minutes of low intensity, 10 minutes of medium intensity, 5 minutes of high intensity, 5 minutes of low intensity and 5 minutes of medium intensity. Half an hour of pure sweat and toning!

Train 3 to 4 days a week, be consistent, is the only way to lose those extra pounds. Remember, gym and fitness training can vary according to your physical form, endurance and goals.

Accompany your training with a healthy diet (consult a nutritionist). Consume protein and carbohydrates before each session with the elliptical, this way you will burn fat and not muscles .

When you are very tired lean on your arms, you can help to make the movement.

Many vibes with training and also patience!

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