Vessels …  

When we go to a super market and point out a bottle of a product,
asking what is it ? we will immediately inform you that bottle containing
(except if it is empty).

Then we can use that example to remember that we are mere
containers of energy much more valuable than the same flesh life; in a
moment we can be full of the essence and transport us from one place to another
on our own (assuming our functions are in good
conditions), but as soon as that essence leaves the body, no matter
how tall, stocky, young or attractive the character, or how wealthy
have been during its passage through the world, there is no way that this “heap of
flesh and bones” serve for nothing but to donate the organs that are still
usable …

Because we understand that wanting to identify with the question what are we?
Who are we? we actually refer to the essence that we hold
in this human vessel. We are not our professional title, position or our
social, or our physical appearance or our accomplishments of any kind.
We are the Divine Essence that lives on our skin, and we will your way through the
world only a limited time. We will have more chances to extend that
time depending on the treatment that we give the container, although no
guarantees; but certainly the quality of that time that we have is
directly related to the awareness of this fact, and allow
that essence shine in all its splendor without overshadow our transience.

It is a privilege to have this option, and is a joy to embody all its
possibilities. We do not limit ourselves to merely survive … The package will be
back, but we are eternal beings!


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